One annoying side effect when you convert a standard SharePoint view to XSLT is that when you mouse-over the link column, it will cause the view to jump around in the browser. This seems to be something to do with how the layout in XSLT converts some of the functionality in a standard SharePoint view.

My workaround for this problem is to just drag the width of the header of the link column, in my case the standard Title column.

In this way, the view then becomes stable.


There are more than 2000 standard images and icon files used by MOSS 2007 which are copied to the _layouts/images folder on the front-end web SharePoint servers. Many of them are useful and can be accessed easily by designers in the knowledge that they will always be available. However, it is difficult to know exactly what the filenames of the images are. Neither is it easy to browse the images folder on the SharePoint server. So below is a link to one single screenshot of all 2000 images. Beware the all images graphic is nearly 2 Mb in size. I am adding links to screenshots of all the images, organized by first letter of the filename, as I find the time, for those who already have an idea of what the filename may be and just want to check.

All images (1.83 Mb)

Images – A

Images – B

Images – C

Images – D

Images – E