SharePoint allows the overlay of up to 10 calendars to produce a kind of stacked view of events:


Though these may often be different calendars, there is nothing to prevent the use of several views from the same calendar in an overlay. This would normally not be useful, but there is one context in which it neatly solves a common problem. How can deadlines before events be clearly shown in a calendar? For example, for many large events such as conferences, there are deadlines for the preparation of materials and the dispatch of documents. It is possible to produce an overlay of SharePoint views from the same calendar which show these deadlines clearly.

First, create two calculated fields in the base calendar you will be using and name them Materials Deadline – 60 days and Dispatch Deadline – 30 days. In these calculated fields, use the event Start Time and subtract respectively 60 and 30 from it, as described below:



Make sure the columns are formatted as Date and Time.

Next you will need to create two calendar views which display events but which use only the Material Deadline – 60 days and the Document Dispatch – 30 days columns.

Choose your calculated fields for the Begin and End columns. Then create two overlay calendars based on the Materials and Dispatch views, as per below:

If you colour-code the two overlay views to contrast with your base calendar, then the meaning of the deadlines should be clear.