In a SharePoint Document Library, there is a menu item under Actions which provides for uploading multiple documents to the server.

However, while it is permitted to have attachments to SharePoint list items, there is no obvious means of uploading multiple attachments. Enter WebDAV to the rescue. Just as it is possible to open a SharePoint document library via WebDAV in Windows Explorer, it is equally possible to do so in the case of a SharePoint list. You just have to be familiar with the path which is used, which has the following elements:


However, you want to open this path using Windows Explorer, and it is sometimes inconvenient to add the ID of the item by hand. A means of easing this obstacle is to create a view for the list concerned, then add a calculated column with the following formula:


The results in your view will look something like the following:

When you click the link, Windows Explorer will display any attachments linked to the item concerned, which can then be added to or removed using drag and drop.